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Founded in 2010, BVS Global are the market pioneers in the Background verification, Certificate Attestation, Travel vìsa, Immigration and BPO segments. We provide exemplary services for our customers as we are completely attuned to the industry’s needs. We boast a strong, unrivalled presence in more than 100 countries, making the whole process even smoother.

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Attestation Services

Attestation Services in UAE

Certificate Attestation in Dubai

MOFA Attestation in UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation

Marrίage Certificate Attestation

Bίrth Certificate Attestation

Global Vίsa Services

Schengen Vίsa from Dubai

UK Vίsa from Dubai

Spain Vίsa from UAE

Greece Vίsa from Dubai

France Vίsa from UAE

Italy Vίsa from UAE

PRO Services

Corporate PRO services

PRO Services in UAE

PRO Services in Dubai

Best PRO Services in UAE

Family Vίsa Services

Dependent Vίsa Assistance

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Company Formation in Dubai

Business Setup in UAE

Company Setup in Dubai

Background Verification

Verification Services

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